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Thoughts of a soap-maker...

It was just a few years ago I was sitting with Joshua, pouring over the research, making plans for this company... He was so excited and had so many great ideas. His enthusiasm was contagious and a love for the process took root in me. Now there are times when the sorrow I feel at his passing is nearly paralyzing but, eventually, I am moved once again by this undertaking, and before I realize it, I am smitten all over again.

So, as I head into the heart of summer, I feel the excitement of launching the business in a concentrated way. The formulas have been developed, tested and honed until I am completely confidence that the resulting products will indeed be as luxurious as he had hoped. I look forward to releasing the new products as soon as they are cured by mid-August.

Stay tuned - this is going to be great!

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