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I fell in love with your soap - it moisturizes so well & no razor bumps!

Dawn in Pappilion

This is great soap. It lasts so much longer than the other soaps I purchased on Amazon.

Elisha in Omaha

I thought the clay bars were my favorite, but then I fell in love with the nourishing bars... and then the exotic! They are the best soaps I've ever bought.

Tia in Council Bluffs

Winters are so hard  on my skin but once I started using the nourishing bars, I didn't even need the lotion I was using before.  (And it's wonderful for my hair! )

Jacqueline in Shenandoah 

This soap is amazing - just like the man behind the soap... I love his mother for caring on his dream!!!

Tara in New Jersey

This soap is fantastic! I use it instead of shaving cream because it's creamy and I get a much closer shave with it! Plus, it smells nice!

William in Council Bluffs

Great products! Given them for lots of gifts.

Debbie in Washington DC

Joshua put his heart and soul into everything he created in his life. These Adlavo products are no exception... absolutely luxurious!

Carolyn in Council Bluffs

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