Our Soap 




To pamper your skin & delightfully awaken your senses

Every product is made from the finest, all natural ingredients

Every recipe is originally created & every bar is carefully made by hand

Our Quality Promise -

Currently, the term “natural” is not regulated, and actually anyone can call their product “all natural” - it doesn’t really mean a thing! We want you to know that here at Adlavo, we take it very seriously. All of our soaps & bath products are carefully crafted using quality oils, butters, herbs and spices - even our colorants are made from plant extracts. We also use no fragrance oils, and those that have a scent get it from pure essential oils. In fact, we use no synthetic or artificial anything! We are committed to offering only the best products so you can experience clean, soft and radiant skin with confidence.


All of our formulas are available without essential oils for those who prefer a non-scented product.

To ensure that your soap lasts as long as possible, keep it from sitting directly under the water spray or sitting in water. Also, between uses, keep your bar as dry as possible - a well drained soap dish is the best option. 

Treat yourself


Our soap is handmade in small batches so there may be some variation in color and design. This only adds to the charm and personality of the soap and does not reflect inconsistencies in ingredients. 

Adlavo, llc